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Sit Stand Desks & Standing Desk Converters

The human body is not designed to remain in the same position for hours at a time. Finding the right sit stand desk or standing desk converter addresses this need to move and allows the user to change position frequently throughout the day can be a challenge. There are many options available and it is important to fully understand the needs of the user prior to making a purchase decision.


Sit Stand Desks are the foundation for any ergonomically equipped workspace and can be the single most effective means of achieving flexibility, maximizing comfort and increasing productivity in any office environment. Workrite’s product offering features the widest selection of design options in the industry as well as the flexibility to mix and match features to build the perfect desk for virtually any application or budget.


Standing Desk Converters provide a quick and efficient way to transform any ordinary fixed height desk into a more ergonomic sit stand workspace. Workrite’s all-in-one ergonomic solutions offer a wide range of adjustability for lift, rotation and tilt.


The size and shape of the workspace will determine the optimal size and shape of the worksurface you select. For moving or height adjustable products, you should allow at least 1″ of clearance at each side and in back of the worksurface to avoid pinch points and scraping. This means that the overall width of the worksurface will be 2″ less than the width of the workspace and 1″ less than the depth.

Knowing the type of equipment to be used is crucial when selecting the appropriate sit-stand solution. When selecting a non- electric workcenter such as a crank or counter-balance table the weight of the equipment to be placed on the worksurface will affect the amount of human force required to adjust the height of the work center. The more force required, the less ergonomic the solution.

All electric workcenters feature a weight limit rating to ensure that the motor is not overworked and the workcenter moves efficiently throughout the life of the product. When comparing weight ratings it is important to clarify whether the weight rating includes the total weight of the worksurface plus the equipment to be used, or the payload capacity after the weight of the worksurface is taken into consideration. All Workrite weight limit ratings are for payload capacity.

Understanding the work to be performed and the types of accessories to be used are also key considerations. Workcenters have many different types of frame supports and structures and may not provide the clearances required for the installation of other key accessories such as adjustable monitor supports and keyboard trays. Workrite frames and supports are designed to accommodate a wide variety of accessories both above and below the worksurface.

The range of adjustability required is one of the most important considerations when selecting the right adjustable workcenter. BIFMA G1 2013 recommends a range of adjustability from 22.5″ to 48.7″ to accommodate the 5th to 95th percentile of the workforce. For example, any product with a worksurface that will not go below 24.5” from the floor will not allow 50% of the female workforce (up to 5’ 4” tall) to work in proper ergonomic position while seated. Workrite has multiple options available that achieve full BIFMA adjustability metrics as well as some that o er a more limited range of adjustability.


Select a worksurface shape, laminate & edge treatment

Choose from laminates and edge treatments as well as 2-leg or 3-leg shapes.

Select The Frame Set

Choose from the four Electric Frame Sets or two Non-Electric Frame Sets.

Select The Control Switch

Electric Frame Sets use either a Standard switch for simple Up/Down control or a Programmable switch for more advanced options including memory pre-sets that can be easily customized by the user.

Select the Foot Kit

Select the Foot Kit size or type . Styled Feet are only available with the Sierra workcenters.



Electric Sit Stand Desks


Fundamentals EX & LX Sit Stand Desks


Essentia Electric Sit Stand Desk


Sierra HX Electric Sit Stand Desk


Benching Sit Stand Desks


Ascent 2 Stage Electric Sit Stand Desk


Ascent 3 Stage Electric Sit Stand Desk

Manual Sit Stand Desks


Sierra HXL Crank Sit Stand Desk


Cascade Counterbalance Sit Stand Desk

Standing Desk Converters


Solace Single Standing Desk Converter


Solace 2 Standing Desk Converter


Solace Desktop Standing Desk Converter


Solace HD Desktop Standing Desk Converter


Solace Electric Standing Desk Converter


Solace Desktop Corner Standing Desk Converter

About Workrite Ergonomics

Founded in 1991, Workrite Ergonomics is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of height-adjustable workcenters and ergonomic office accessories, including adjustable keyboard platform systems and flat panel monitor support systems.

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