Configure your Computer Training Desks


Our Line of Sight™ 3.0 computer training desks feature a highly styled design and create a unique way to optimize valuable space and integrate technology products in multi-use environments. Line of Sight Electric computer training desks feature our ultra smooth and quiet actuator system that can be controlled at the desk or from the front of the room to raise and lower monitors and other peripheral devices. This innovative feature enables fully functional training spaces and computer labs to be converted to standard desks with a clean worksurface almost instantaneously.

Application & Space Planning

los-space-planningPersonal user space is a key consideration when planning any layout. The general guideline to allow each user to work comfortably is to provide a minimum of 30” of uninterrupted seated width and 36″ of space between rows of workcenters. These are the guidelines that will be used when making recommendations for layout of Line of Sight products and providing quotes. Please consult with your facilities management team or project architect for any specific codes, guidelines or requirements that may apply in your area.


The technology products to be used are a key factor in determining which Line of Sight product(s) should be used for your specific application. It is extremely important to know what size monitors and CPUs will be used in the facility prior to planning the product and room layouts for the project.

Monitors will need to have either a 75 mm or 100 mm VESA mounting vpattern to attach to the actuator. Monitor dimensions should be measured as actual height, width and depth (not diagonal screen dimensions) and will require 1″ clearance on each side to safely lower or raise the monitor through the worksurface. Please see the monitor size guidelines with each model to ensure that you are selecting the right size worksurface for your technology items.

Traditional CPU towers can be large and require additional space when planning overall workcenter widths and floor plan layouts. Thin Client and Micro CPU units can be easily integrated inside of the Line of Sight unit and do not typically affect the overall size of the workcenter or floor plan layout.

All-in-One computers and iMacs can be used in Line of Sight units as long as sizes are within the limits of each specific Line of Sight model. With iMacs they must be VESA mount compatible. Older iMacs can be converted using an open market available VESA mount bracket. Newer iMacs must be purchased with VESA mount capability. Contact Apple directly for VESA mount availability and compatibility.

Use this Technology Worksheet to determine the computer dests that will best meet your needs.

Step Three: Choose Non-Locking or Locking Access Panels

Front & Rear Panels

  • Line of Sight computer desks feature removable Front and Rear Access Panels
  • Single User computer desks feature single full width removable access panels and Dual User computer desk feature right and left removable access panels.
  • Choose locking access panels when security is required.

Step Four: Choose Base Color

All metal finishes are VOC free powder coating


View the Color Selection Guide for all Computer Desk finish color options

Step Five: Connecting Computer Training Desks

Filler Panels & Filler Plates


When side by side ganging is desired we recommend using our End to End Ganging Kit LOS3-STGANGBRKT-B to connect each station to hold rows together for clean alignment.

In addition to side by side ganging, when installing Line of Sight units back to back we offer optional Back to Back Filler Panels and Back to Back Filler Plates. The Back to Back Filler Panels close the gap between two back to back units with a smooth painted to match steel cover plate. Used in conjunction with our color matched Back to Back Filler Plate you can fully close and cover the spaces between the units.


Step Six: Choose Computer Training Desk Worksurface


Step Seven: Choose Worksurface Laminate Color

View the Color Selection Guide for all Computer Desk finish color options

Worksurface Laminates


  • 1″ thick standard surfaces are comprised of high pressure laminates with a balanced construction backer
  • Laminates exceed the performance requirements of NEMA LD3
  • Solvent-free, water-based adhesives
  • Grain directional on all wood grain laminates runs side to side

Step Eight: Choose Grommet Covers or Charging Grommets

All tops include grommet locations for user convenience (2 grommets per single user unit and 3 per dual user unit). Choose your grommet cover color based on the laminate you’ve selected. Black is usually the color choice for wood grain laminates. You can also choose our Power USB Charge grommet (extra charge) if A/C power or USB charging is required at the user worksurface level to charge phones or power up other devices.


Step Nine: Choose CPU Holders


CPU Holders are required when using CPU’s other than all-in-one PC’s.


Step Ten: Choose Power System


Power systems enhance the utility and flexibility of the Line of Sight system.