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1805, 2020

Work Active: Why Sitting Too Much is Bad for You and What to Do About It

May 18th, 2020|Wellness, Ergonomics|

Workactive Why Sitting Too Much is Bad for You & What to Do About It Normal, everyday life is filled with a lot of sitting these days. We sit in our cars, we sit at our desks, we sit at the kitchen table, and we sit on our couches. Most of us have to actively seek out exercise by joining a gym or attending exercise classes because our regular days are so sedentary. This shift toward mor [...]

505, 2020

Work Active: Pro Tips for Pro Switches

May 5th, 2020|Productivity, Workspace, Ergonomics|

Workactive Pro Tips for Pro Switches Did You Know Your Desk Could Do This? Sit stand desks are great for helping us get more movement into a normal workday. The idea is not to stand constantly, but to ensure you change positions often, alternating between sitting and standing. Stand for a few minutes when you get to your desk after a long commute. Stand while you take a phone call. Stand [...]

1504, 2020

Work Neat: How to Keep Your Cables Neat & Why It Matters

April 15th, 2020|Workspace, Productivity|

Workneat How to Keep Your Cables Neat & Why It Matters Messy cables under your desk is not a good look. With sit stand desks, cable management is especially important because the desk needs to be able to seamlessly move up and down without cables getting caught, tangled, or ripped from their plugs. Whether you’re a cable managing pro or a total novice, here’s how to finally get your cab [...]

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First, there needs to be a tasty product. Timing is critical to get the company to rise. There needs to be a hunger for what is created. And the business needs to be in the right location to capitalize on the market.

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Founded in 1991, Workrite Ergonomics is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of height-adjustable workcenters and ergonomic office accessories, including adjustable keyboard platform systems and flat panel monitor support systems.

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