Monitor Arm Accessories


Laptop Holder

  • Accommodates most popular 13″ to 15″ laptop
  • Supports laptops up to 10 lb.
  • Use with single or dual monitor arms
  • Depth adjusts from 9.2″ to 11.7″ allowing use of docking stations
  • Laptop held in place by formed front edge
  • Anti-vibration pads provide secure foundation and minimize laptop vibration
  • Vent design for optimal cooling
  • Silver finish, steel construction
  • Laptop Holder Cut Sheet
  • Laptop Holder Instructions
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Non-VESA Mount Bracket

  • Use with monitors that do not have 75 × 75 or 100 × 100 mm VESA mounting plates
  • Use with all Workrite monitor arms
  • Fits monitors with actual size from 11.5″–16.25″ tall and 18.5″– 26″ wide
  • Bracket weight of 4.5 lb. should be added to monitor weight when selecting compatible monitor arm
  • Maximum bezel thickness at edges of monitor cannot exceed 1.75″
  • NON-VESA Mount Instructions
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TravelRite Portable Laptop Station

  • Lightweight and portable ergonomic support for laptop computers
  • Elevates screen up to 6″ for improved head and shoulder posture
  • Adjusting bar moves forward and back to change platform tilt from 10º to 30º for neutral positioning of hands and wrists
  • Includes black memory foam palm support
  • TravelRite Portable Laptop Station Instructions
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Universal Twin Bracket



Thin Client CPU Holder

  • Supports Thin Client CPUs up to 11 pounds
  • Modular Design with adjustment to support CPU’s any width from .67″ – 2.75″ wide
  • Multiple mounting options include:
  • Includes nylon strap for increased stability and non-skid pads for additional CPU protection
  • Steel construction for maximum strength and longevity
  • Available in black
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Ballast Plate

  • Use when device weight does not meet minimum weight requirements, adds 2 pounds
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VESA Mount Adaptor

  • Optional VESA bracket for VESA 100 mm × 200 mm mounting for larger/heavier monitors
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Conform Monitor Arm Accessories


Conform Dual Arm Adaptor

  • For use with Conform Articulating or Static Monitor Arms
  • Converts single arm base options into dual arm base
  • Supports up to 48 lb
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Conform Single & Dual Pole Mount Adaptor

  • For use with Conform Articulating or Static Monitor Arms
  • Mount 1 or 2 Articulating Arms or Static Arms to a pole mount 
  • Supports up to 48 lbs
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Conform Quick Release Adaptor

  • Adaptor attaches to monitor VESA mount for quick release
  • Fits standard VESA 75 mm and 100 mm mount patterns
  • Order one adaptor for each monitor
  • Plastic Quick Release Adaptor – Visit Online Store
  • HD Quick Release Adaptor – Visit Online Store

Conform Slider

  • Adds 6.5″ horizontal adjustability in Conform multi-monitor configurations to allow monitors of varying sizes to fit together seamlessly using one base
  • VESA 100 mm interface
  • Slider weight must be added to monitor weight to determine monitor arm capacity
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Conform Static Arm Extension

  • For use with Conform Articulating or Static Monitor Arms
  • Extends forward reach by 10.5″
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Conform VESA Plate Mount