Elevate your workspace, elevate your performance—with Workrite Ergonomics, excellence is in every detail.

Pre-Assembled Legs (PAL)

This unique packaging and delivery method revolutionizes sit-stand desk installations while maintaining the industry-leading quality and backing of Workrite, the leader in ergonomic products.

Introducing Ascent4

Discover the pinnacle of ergonomic design and functionality with the Ascent4 Sit-Stand Desk—a perfect blend of Workrite’s renowned performance and features now available in an incredible value-based solution.

The best in the business.

Business demands seem to always be increasing with constant pressure to get products quicker than ever. The current state of the world has pushed companies’ lead times out further and further. Workrite is here for you with lead times of 3 DAYS on nearly all of our products (excluding Line of Sight, table tops, and custom orders). See our Terms and Conditions for standard lead times for excluded items.

Sit-Stand Desks

Keyboard Trays

Monitor Arms

riteBEAM Power & Data Distribution

The riteBEAM allows user to

easily manage power and

data in place of complex and

expensive changes to building