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Designer Resources

Download 2D and 3D product symbols to make your designs come to life. Workrite Ergonomics provides a robust product library of industry standard symbols in both 2D and 3D formats. These resources allow designers to easily incorporate our industry-leading products into bids, renders, and large-scale projects. Please note, any symbols not found below may be hosted on one of our partner platforms in the Additional Designer Resources section at the bottom of this webpage.

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  • Click a link to download a 2D or 3D product symbol 

Additional Design Resources

Workrite Ergonomics belongs to industry standard design libraries such as CAP/GIZA and Project Matrix, allowing our clients to easily incorporate our products into existing workflows. If your project calls for layouts/floorplans and or associated 2D/3D symbols, please connect with your local sales representative for custom design support. 

design resources 20/20 cap and giza

CAP & Giza

design resources Project Matrix

Project Matrix