Power & Cable Management Accessories


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Cable Management that Transforms Your Workspace

Workrite’s Cable Management accessories make it easy to keep wires and cables secure, accessible, and organized. Choose from a variety of cable management solutions like horizontal cable managers, that keep cables concealed along the bottom of the worksurface. Add vertical cable managers to neatly organize cables from the worksurface down to a floor or wall outlet. A combination of both horizontal and vertical cable management solutions will result in a clean, sleek workcenter, easily keeping cords and cables out of view and out of your way.
Use the image slider to see how Workrite Cable Mangement accessories can transform your work space.

High Capacity Cable Trough

  • Conceal cables and transformers in the 5.25″ high by 5.5″ deep cable trough
  • Top cut-out allows C-Clamps to be mounted to the back of the desk
  • Three bottom cable pass through ports designed to use with Cable Management Chain
  • Accommodates optional Laminate Modesty Panel
  • Constructed using heavy duty 16 gage steel and scratch resistant powder coated paint
  • Available in 3 colors to coordinate with frameset
  • High Capacity Cable Trough Installation Instructions

Magnetic Cable Manager

Magnetic Cable Chain White Mid - Corrected
Magnetic Cable Chain Black High
Magnetic Cable Chain Silver Low
  • Vertical Cable Manager is 47″ and comes complete with three (3) embedded magnets and worksurface attachment hardware
  • Designed to discreetly conceal and manage cables down the rear or side profile of height adjustable desk legs
  • Open tab design allows for cables to easily enter and exit the cable chain
  • Length is optimized for 3-stage height adjustable desk, links can be removed to accommodate shorter adjustment ranges
  • Available in silver, black & white
  • Magnetic Cable Manager Cut Sheet
  • Magnetic Cable Manager Instructions

Mesh Cable Trough

Mesh Trough in Room
Mesh Cable Trough - ACC-WM-MTXX
Mesh Cable Trough - ACC-WM-MTXX
  • Designed to be mounted under the worksurface behind the stretcher bracket
  • Constructed of durable mesh, it provides 4″ height and 3.5″ depth of storage space
  • Two widths offered to accommodate varying sized worksurfaces
    • 34″ version to be mounted on worksurfaces 46″ or less
    • 48″ version to be mounted on worksurfaces 48″ or greater
  • Mounting hook design allows mesh trough to hinge open for easier access
  • Velcro loops inside the mesh trough provide convenient way to keep cables & power strips bundled internally
  • Each version features (1) grommet hole in the center to allow cables to enter or exit as required
  • Textile portion available in gray finish
  • Mesh Cable Trough Cut Sheet
  • Mesh Cable Trough Instructions

Cable Manager Chain

  • Manage & conceal cables, up to 2″ bundle (max .75″ individual cables)
  • Single axis flex design neatly manages cables as workstations move
  • Expand and contract lengths using quick ball and socket connections
  • 32 links included for use in worksurface-to-floor or station-to-station applications
  • Cable Manager Chain is approx. 50″ long if all 32 links are assembled
  • Links can be excluded individually to reduce the overall length
  • Available in 3 colors to coordinate with frame set

Round Cable Manager

  • Round Cable Manager is 54″ long and comes complete with weighted foot and worksurface attachment clips
  • Designed to manage cables from under worksurface to floor
  • Open tab design allows cables to easily snap in or out of manger
  • Keeps cables neat and organized while making height adjustments
  • Accommodates up to 1″ diameter of bundled cables
  • Available in black only

Modesty Panel & Cable Management

  • Designed for use with any Workrite height adjustable workcenter
  • 10″ modesty panel provides privacy for users while working in the seated position
  • Features a Velcro pouch that opens to hold cables, shielding them from view
  • Nylon mesh fabric with steel wire frame
  • Designed to install quickly and easily with simple clip and screw mounts provided
  • Available in black

Vertical Cable Sleeve

  • Manages cables between worksurface and power location
  • Designed for vertical cable management
  • Flexible braided sleeve
  • Sleeve expands from 1″ diameter to 2 1/8″ diameter
  • Length: 5 ft.
  • Color – grey

Wire Way

  • Provides 1.75 x 1.25 channel under worksurface to securely store wires and cables out of sight
  • Plastic Material comes in 4 length options and can be cut down in the field for an ideal fit in any application
  • Wood Screws provided to securely fasten the 3.5” flange and J channel under worksurface
  • Available in Black

Rectangle Cable Manager

  • Flexible interlocking blocks
  • Four channels to manage cables
  • Top bracket attaches to worksurface
  • Weighted metal base, 7″ diameter
  • Assembled lengths from 26″ to 50″
  • Black plastic finish

Cable Trough

  • Mounts under the worksurface
  • Cutout for vertical cable manager
  • Dimensions  5″ H x 3″ W
    • Lengths: 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 54″, 66″
  • 16 ga. metal with powdercoat finish
  • Available in Silver, Black, White
  • Cable Trough Installation Instructions

Power Strip


6 Receptacles

  • Cord length: 4′
  • Surge indicator: Lighted
  • Dimensions: 11″ × 2″ × 1.25″

8 Receptacles (3 for transformer blocks)

  • Cord length: 6′ (360° plug)
  • Surge indicator: Lighted/audible
  • Fax/modem protection
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ × 4″ × 1.5″

Powered USB Data Supply

  • Configured with two powered USB ports, one voice/data opening and two power outlets
  • Clamps on back edge, above worksurface
  • Ideal for use with any Workrite laminated worksurface
  • Aluminum construction, in silver with black power/data receptacles
  • 10 foot, 15 Amp cord; UL listed

Powered USB-C Data Supply

  • Two tamper-resistant power receptacles
  • One 5 V USB-A
    One 5 V USB-C
  • Electrical rating: 125 V, 60 Hz, 12-15 A Max
  • 9′ power cord
  • Integrated circuit breaker
  • Available in white & black finishes
  • Powered USB-C Data Supply Cut Sheet