Solace HD Desktop Standing Desk Converter

Wider Worksurface With Heavier Load Capacity


The Solace Desktop HD quickly and economically converts an existing desk to a smooth and effortless standing desk. Solace Desktop HD features a 42″ wide primary worksurface and a robust 45lbs. load capacity that can easily accommodate 2 x 27″ wide monitors and still have extra space for other personal equipment.

The large primary worksurface includes 3 grommets for cable management. Solace Desktop HD is smooth and quiet with gas assisted height adjustment to provide a wide 14.6″ lifting range.

Solace HD Features

  • Dual worksurface includes independent keyboard surface
  • 45 lb. lifting capacity
  • 14.6″ lifting range, 20″ above desktop

Primary Worksurface:

  • 42″ W × 15.7″ D
  • Includes grommets for cable management

Keyboard surface:

  • 26.4″ W × 7.5″ D
  • Independent surface with 20° (+10/-10) of tilt

As of January 2, 2019 all Solace Standing Desk Converters will carry a 6% of net price tariff surcharge until further notice.

Our supplier is voluntarily executing a corrective action for Solace HD Standing Desk Converters sold or distributed during the period of October 1, 2016 and February 15, 2019. Click here to learn more.