Sierra HXL Crank Sit Stand Desk

The Manual Alternative

The Workrite Sierra HXL Crank is engineered to enable manual adjustability requiring minimal amounts of human force, making it a good alternative for the healthy workforce or for areas where frequent adjustments are not required. The HXL Crank adjusts from 25.5″– 43″ and will accommodate the average male or female worker, making it a good solution for companies seeking limited height adjustability. It adjusts at a rate of 5.6 turns per inch even with more than 125 pounds of equipment on the worksurface. Sierra HXL Crank is available in silver with two foot design options that can be selected to build the best work center for each specific application.

Workcenter Features

  • Frame options: 2-leg frames
  • 24″ or 30″ depths
  • Widths from 36″ to 72″ depending on shape
  • Finish options: Silver, Black, White
  • Height Range: 25.5″ to 43″
  • Payload Capacity: 125 pounds
  • Travel Speed: 1 inch = 5.6 turns
  • Front or top mounted crank

Flat Foot Kit

  • Low profile design allows most mobile pedestals to set over foot
  • Sold in pairs
  • Silver, black, or white, powder coated steel construction
  • Select worksurface depth of 24″, 30″ or dual depth
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  • Sierra HXL Crank - SCFHXL42-F30-S + T4029-B3-0793738-249
  • Sierra HXL Crank - SCFHXL48-F24-C + T4623-B3-0705460-152
  • Sierra HXL Crank - SCFHXL54-F30-S + T5229-B3-8209K28-E04
  • Sierra HXL Crank - SCTHXL42-F30-S + T4029-B3-0793738-249
  • Sierra HXL Crank - SCTHXL48-F24-C + T4623-B3-0705460-152
  • Sierra HXL Crank - SCTHXL54-F30-S + T5229-B3-8209K28-E04

Worksurface Laminate & Base Color Options

Laminate Price Tier 1


Laminate Price Tier 2

Laminate Price Tier 3


Base Color Options


Get Sierra HXL Crank

To learn more about Sierra HXL Crank or to get your project started, contact your local Workrite Sales Rep or Workrite Customer Service.