Cascade Counterbalance Sit Stand Desk

The Manual Alternative

The Cascade Counterbalance Base is a great alternative to electric sit-stand desks for areas where frequent adjustments are not required, or for any area where electric power may not be readily available. When properly adjusted, Cascade balances payloads from 0 to 85 pounds and adjusts quickly and smoothly to the desired height by simply pulling a mechanical trigger mechanism. Cascade will accommodate a wide range of rectangular worksurfaces, features a unique flat foot design, and is available in silver.

Cascade Frame Set Features

  • Base options: 2-leg base
  • Cascade Foot Set included with base
  • Manual trigger control
  • 24″ or 30″ depths
  • Widths from 48″ to 72″ depending on shape
  • Base and feet in silver finish
  • Height Range: 27.5″ to 46.5″
  • Payload Capacity:
    • 48″ W: 65 lb.
    • 60″ W: 75 lb.
    • 72″ W: 85 lb.
  • Cascade Counterbalance CC7230-S + T7029-B3-0792538-206
  • Cascade Counterbalance CC6030-S + T5829-B3-0159560-300
  • Cascade Counterbalance CC4830-S + T4629-B3-0704060-E02

Worksurface Laminate & Base Color Options

Laminate Price Tier 1


Laminate Price Tier 2

Laminate Price Tier 3


Base Color Options

Get Cascade

To learn more about Cascade Counterbalance or to get your project started, contact your local Workrite Sales Rep or Workrite Customer Service.