Sierra Interface Kit

The Sierra Interface Kit is a powerful enhancement to all Workrite Sierra HX & HXL Electric Workcenters. This software & hardware installed on either a PC or Mac, allows for highly personalized user control over your workcenter. The software includes basic controls like up and down, as well as three memory presets and reminders to adjust your position a number of times a day, and tracks minutes spent standing or calories burned.


  • Up to 3 programmable positions
  • Tracks total number of desk adjustments
  • Tracks standing minutes or calories burned throughout the day

  • Exportable results
  • Displays current desk height
  • Available for PC and Mac

Installation Instructions

By using the following web based instructions, you can easily install the Sierra Interface cable and Software for both Mac and Windows environments. Please pay close attention to the visual instructions as they vary slightly for Mac and Windows platforms. If you prefer to have a printed version of the hardware and software installation instructions, click here.

Plug in the USB side of the Sierra Interface Cable into any available USB port on your computer. Then plug the Data end of the cable to either of the data ports on the Sierra Workcenter Control Box under your worksurface. Route your cable to account for the full travel of your workcenter. When connected, a red LED will light in the cable module will blink once on a PC or light for a few seconds on a Mac to signal that it is properly connected.



Note: If you do not have administrator rights to download and install software on your PC, contact your IT professional.

If you do, select your operating system and follow the on-screen instructions.  You’ll need to agree to the End User License Agreement to start the download.

Windows 7 & 8

Download Version 2.04

Mac OS X

Download Version 2.04

Hardware Requirements:

Communication between PC/Mac and the CBD control box requires the USB cable included in the (SE-CI-USB2-B) Sierra Interface Kit. A Sierra HX or HXL Electric workcenter is also required for the Sierra Interface Kit.

Software Requirements:

Windows Instructions

Locate the downloaded file in your Downloads folder or your default download location and double click it to reach the installation software.

Sierra Interface Kit


Double click the file Workrite Software.msi to start the installation process.

Sierra Interface Kit


If you are prompted as to whether you would like to “Run” the software package, simply click on “Run.” The installation process will start automatically and will finish when the status box disappears.



Upon installation, navigate to “Start Menu” –> “All Programs”–> “Workrite Software” and click on the orange icon. The Setup window will appear. If .Net Framework was not previously installed on your system, you will be prompted to install the latest version before continuing.



Click on the “Show Hidden Icons” Taskbar arrow to open your hidden icons. Click on “Customize.”



Locate “Workrite Software” notification  options and select “Show Icons and Notifications.” Save settings and close the window by clicking on “OK.”



You will now have the Workrite Software icon in your Taskbar for convenient access. A “right click” on this icon will allow you to Exit the application. Continue to the next step to download the Sierra Interface Kit user guide.

Mac OS X Instructions

Locate the downloaded file in your Downloads folder or your default download location. If it isn’t already uncompressed, simply double click to unzip the application.



Drag and drop Workrite to your applications folder to install the software.



Locate Workrite Software in your applications folder and double click on the app to launch it.



Once the Workrite Software has launched, click on the orange circular icon in your menu bar to start using the software. Continue to the next step to download the Sierra Interface Kit user guide.