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Computer Desk

The Line of Sight Electric, Dual User/Single Monitor Computer Desk is our most popular Training & Technology Workcenter. It can easily accommodate two individual displays and all of the peripheral equipment required for two students in virtually any learning environment. To customize the product to meet your needs, simply choose the base and top required to support your technology and meet your space requirements. Dual User/Single Monitor Electric models include: internal holder for keyboard and mouse, removable front and rear access panels, cable management troughs, three cable grommets in front panel, two cable grommets in the rear panel, and one cable grommet in each side panel.


Computer Desk Specifications

  • 29″ high worksurface
  • Bright polished aluminum feet
  • Ultra quite actuator system
  • Monitor lift collision detection
  • Monitor lift capacity 40 pounds
  • VESA Quick Release monitor mount included
  • Battery back up system to close units on power outage
  • Full side panels, removable front and back panels included
  • Locking front & rear panel option
  • Integrated cable management
  • Color matched cable grommets in front, side, and rear locations
  • Internal keyboard & mouse holder included
  • 26″ & 30″ deep worksurface options
  • Silver, black, & white base finish options
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Meets ADA fixed height requirements with 30″D worksurface 
  • Remote Control
  • Ganging Brackets
  • Back to Back Panels & Filler Plates
  • Worksurface
  • Grommet Covers
  • Desktop Power
  • CPU Holders
  • Power distribution systems

Size and Finish Options

Worksurface Dimensions


Computer Desk Base

View the Color Selection Guide for all Computer Desk finish color options


Worksurface Laminates


  • 1″ thick standard surfaces are comprised of high pressure laminates with a balanced construction backer
  • Laminates exceed the performance requirements of NEMA LD3
  • Solvent-free, water-based adhesives
  • Grain directional on all wood grain laminates runs side to side

Worksurface Edge


  • Edge choices are Edge Band or T-Mold
  • Edge Band is 2mm thick
  • Edge Band colors matched to Laminates

Computer Desk Accessories & Parts

Remote Control

  • Recommend 1 remote handset per room
  • Allow instructor/trainer to raise and lower monitors simultaneously
  • Lock feature allows instructor/trainer to lock monitors in the up or down position
  • Integrated flashlight
  • Easy channel set and changeability for multiple room requirements
  • Remote Control Instructions

Worksurface Grommet Cover

LOS Worksurface Grommet Cover - LOS3-GROMMET-80-B
  • 80 mm diameter 3 piece molded covers
  • Removable cover allows large cords to pass through
  • Cover door rotates to adjust opening to cord sizes
  • Outer liner fills cutout to cover top core material
  • Available in gray, black, & white to accent laminate colors
  • 2 required per top (unless using LOS3-DTP-2P2USB-BK)

Desktop Power

Zens Wireless Charger

LOS Zens Wireless Charger - ACC-ZEN1-5W-B
  • Available in 5 W & 15 W
  • Qi standard wireless charging technology
  • Fits standard 80mm cut out in all LOS3 Workcenter tops
  • Available in black
  • 5 W version works on Qi charge compatible smart phones and smart watches
  • 15 W version works on Qi charge compatible smart phones, tablets, and smart watches
  • Professional grade charger

Power USB Charger Grommet

LOS Power USB Grommet - LOS3-DTP-2P2USBC-BK
  • Fit standard 80 mm cut out in all LOS3 Workcenter tops
  • Two 120 V, 60 Hz grounded power outlets
  • Two 2 A USB charging ports

Parts for Connecting Computer Desks

Back to Back Filler Panels

LOS Back to Back Filler Panels - LOS3-FPB2B-S
  • Covers the vertical space between two LOS3 Workcenters when placed back to back
  • Non-handed design installs left or right as needed
  • Simple magnetic attachment to side for easy installation
  • Use one Filler Panel per visible outside end of back to back LOS3 Workcenters
  • Use in conjunction with Back to Back Filler Plates
  • Color matched powder coated steel construction
  • Filler Panel and Filler Plate Instructions

Back to Back Filler Plates

  • Covers the horizontal space between two LOS3 Workcenters when placed back to back
  • Keep objects from falling into space behind back to back LOS3 units
  • Use one Filler Plate per set of back to back LOS3 Workcenters
  • Installs with pre-drilled locations under the lids of back to back LOS3 Workcenters
  • Use in conjunction with Back to Back Filler Panels
  • Color matched powder coated steel construction
  • Filler Panel and Filler Plate Instructions

Side by Side Gang Bracket Kit

  • Connect LOS3 Workcenters side by side
  • Keeps rows of LOS3 Workcenters aligned properly
  • Easy installation
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Required when using daisy chain power options in multiple units
  • Gang Bracket Instructions

CPU Holders

On-Board Thin Client/Micro CPU Holder

LOS On-Board Thin Client:Micro CPU Holder - LOS-CPU-MTC-B
  • Installs inside LOS Electric and Manual Workcenters
  • Attaches to rear of keyboard holder
  • Simplifies connections and cabling inside of LOS units
  • Installs right or left as required
  • Black powder coated steel construction
  • Thin, Micro CPU Holder Instructions

Large CPU Holder

LOS Large CPU Holder - VE-CPUST
  • Installs under worksurface
  • Use for larger tower CPU’s
  • Dual adjustable 5′ long straps fit most CPU’s
  • Includes 17″ nylon glide track
  • 360° swivel at track
  • Black powder coated steel construction

Small/Mini Tower CPU Holder

LOS Small:Mini Tower CPU Holder - VE-CPU-SMALL

Hang On CPU Holder

LOS Hang-On CPU Holder - LOS-CPUT-M-A-SM
  • Hangs on front panel of Line of Sight base
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Use for larger tower CPU’s
  • Select model based on CPU size
  • Color matched powder coated steel construction
  • Hang-On CPU Holder Instructions

Wall Corded Power

Power Bar

  • UL/CSA Certified
  • End power receptacle allows daisy chain connection
    of up to 4 Power Bars in-line
  • Lighted rocker switch for on/off control
  • Includes 15 A circuit breaker
  • Fits all widths of Line of Sight Workcenters
  • Includes mounting brackets and hardware
  • Maximum power load 15 A per daisy chain
  • Total equipment power draw calculations required on site to prevent overload
  • Power Bar Instructions

Power Strip

  • Intended for single station applications
  • UL/CSA Certified
  • Lighted rocker switch for on/off control
  • Includes 15 A grounded power cord
  • Includes 15 A circuit breaker
  • Fits all widths of Line of Sight Workcenters
  • Includes mounting hardware

Hard Wire Power

Power Track (4 or 8 Outlet)

  • ETL/CSA Certified
  • Available in 4 or 8 outlets per Power Track (8 outlets recommended for dual display units)
  • Available in 1, 2, or 4 circuit options
  • US Specs allows up to 16 receptacles per circuits 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively
  • 4 circuit option meets industry standard 8 wire requirements
  • Integrated flex conduit and snap connectors allow easy assembly and daisy chain configuration
  • Requires 1 dedicated 120 V, 60 hZ, 20 A power source per circuit
  • Daisy chain 16 A max load per circuit
  • Includes mounting & installation hardware
  • Power Track Instructions

Power Entry Cable

  • 8 wire flex conduit Power Entry Cable
  • Connect up to 4 dedicated 120 V, 20 A circuits and 80 individual 120 V receptacles
  • Hard-wire connection via J-Box or power pole to building power source
  • Snap locks into Power Track for easy connection
  • Use one entry per run based on circuits chosen and maximum connection recommendations

Pass Through / Extension Cable

  • 24″ Length extends Power Track cables
  • Male/female plug ends
  • Extra cable required for back to back hard wire power transfer connection
  • Maximum circuit and receptacle limits apply


  • Includes full chassis, top, and lid
  • Accessories not included
  • Packed on individual skids/pallets
  • Assembly fee is net price per unit—not discountable
  • Standard lead times apply