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Conform Dual Static Arm

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The Conform Dual Static Monitor Arm is designed to provide side-by-side support for two monitors, in a compact footprint. As part of the Conform family it uses the Workrite pin assembly system, allowing it to be quickly mounted to a variety of bases and reconfigured with additional Conform monitor arms to adapt to your changing needs.

Easily create a quadruple monitor system by using a 28” pole mount and two Conform Dual Static Monitor Arms. The Conform Dual Static Monitor Arm has been engineered to support over 15,000 cycles and exceeds ANSI/BIFMA x5.5 requirements. TAA Compliant.

  • Verify your monitor’s compatibility with this monitor arm using our web based tool.
  • Rigid support, for two monitors up to 16 lbs
  • Compact mount with only 4.5 inch deep footprint*, for shallow workspaces
  • Easily route and conceal cables through the integrated wire managers
  • Discrete silver color blends into office environments
  • Designed for fast and easy installation

*When used with 24″ wide monitors

Conform Features

  • Supports two monitors 0–16 lb. each
  • Maximum monitor height: Pole dependent
  • Articulation range: 0″ (static arm)
  • Forward reach: 4.5″ with 24″ wide monitor
  • Stowed depth: 4.5″
  • Monitor: Tilt: +90°/-45°, Pivot: +/-90°, Rotation: +/-90°
  • Standard VESA (75 mm & 100 mm)
  • Available in Silver
  • Warranty: 10 year


  • Finish Color Options


*Shown with optional 14” Pole With C-Clamp & Grommet Base
Conform dual static

Conform Base Options

C-Clamp & Grommet Base

  • For use with Articulating Monitor Arms
  • Convenient top adjusting C-clamp design
  • Includes both c-clamp & grommet mounting options
  • 180° pivot limiter on lower arm for space constrained environments
  • Supports up to 48 lb.
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  • C-Clamp & Grommet Base Instructions

Conform Two Piece C-Clamp & Grommet Base

  • For use with Articulating Monitor Arms
  • Detachable two piece c-clamp design for panel mounted desks
  • Includes both c-clamp & grommet mounting options
  • 180° pivot limiter on lower arm for space constrained environments
  • Supports up to 48 lb.
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  • Conform Two Piece C-Clamp & Grommet Base Instructions


Tool Bar & Slatwall Base


  • For use with Articulating or Static Monitor Arms
  • Easily mount to Tool Bars, Privacy Panels & Slatwalls
  • Clamping design supports slat rails up to 1.25″ wide
  • Supports up to 48 lb.
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  • Tool Bar & Slatwall Base Instructions

Wall Plate Base



*Mounting hardware not included; drywall installation requires screw to stud contact


14″ Pole Base with C-Clamp & Grommet




28″ Pole Base with Heavy Duty C-Clamp & Grommet




Adapter Options

Knoll® Antenna® Adaptor



* Knoll Antenna capacity dependent


Dual Arm Adaptor





Dual Pole Mount Adapter






K-Rail® Adapter



  • For use with Articulating or Static Monitor Arms with 80/20 T-Slot construction materials
  • Quick release lever for easy vertical adjustment
  • Supports up to 48lb”.
  • K-Rail capacity dependent
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  • K-Rail® Adaptor Instructions




Accessory Options

Flat, Static Extension Arm




Quick Release Adaptor

  • Simplify monitor installation with a Quick Release Adaptor
  • Fits Standard VESA mounting patterns (75 mm & 100 mm)
  • One adaptor per monitor
  • Dimensions 4.5″ W × 4.5″ H × .5″ D
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Laptop Holder



  • Accommodates most 13″ to 15″ laptops, up to 10lbs
  • Supports laptops up to 10 lb
  • Use with single or dual monitor arms
  • Depth adjusts from 9.2″ to 11.7″ allowing use of docking stations
  • Laptop held in place by formed front edge
  • Anti-vibration pads provide secure foundation and minimize laptop vibration
  • Vent design for optimal cooling
  • Silver finish, steel construction
  • Laptop Holder Instructions
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Twin Monitor Bracket

  • For use with Articulating Monitor Arms Only
  • Converts single monitor arm into a dual monitor arm*
  • Recommended for use with Heavy Duty Articulating Arm
  • Maximum compatible monitor widths 28.5″
  • Tilting feature: the monitors can be positioned at up to +20°/-25° angle towards the user.
  • Available in black
  • Buy Online

*Reduces Maximum Weight Capacity of Arm by 5 lbs




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